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Do you want to improve your self-care?

Developing a plan is a good way to prioritise and personalise self-care. But it takes time to develop a good plan.

You might want to pause and reflect with our tool before you get started. Reflection doesn’t have to be done alone. Sometimes it easier to talk out loud and explore your understanding with others.

If you’re ready to get started, here are some steps to help you on your way.

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    Before you put a pen to paper

    Understand exactly what’s involved

    Now that you’ve selected your preferred planning resource and template, make sure you read it thoroughly to get a sense of what you’ll need to do and what materials or resources you might need. Write these things down and make sure you have them ready before your put pen to paper. For example, you may need a computer or a quiet room.

    Consider getting some assistance

    Sometimes it helps to work with someone rather than alone. If you think that you’d like some assistance, find someone that has some relevant knowledge and make an appointment to spend time with them and work together on your plan. The person should be someone you trust and feel comfortable speaking to.

    Set aside some time

    It takes time to develop a good plan. A good plan is one that is useful and achievable. Block out some time in your diary when you know you will be able to work on your plan undistracted. You may need to block out two or three time slots.

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    After you have created your plan

    It might be useful to print your plan out and keep it somewhere you can check it regularly. You can revise this plan when and if you need to.

Page updated 16 December 2021