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My Health Record

My Health Record is a patient-controlled secure online summary of health information.

The My Health Record system has the potential to reduce time and effort spent sourcing health information, for example, from external providers.

The system provides a portal for the patient and/or providers to store, share and access shared health summaries, referrals, discharge summaries and advance care planning documents. This can support accurate and timely sharing of patient information, particularly where care is shared, the patient accesses care in various settings or with various providers, the patient has or will access care in a hospital, the patient is likely to need after-hours or emergency care, or when the patient is seeing a new healthcare provider.

Information that can be shared on a patient controlled record include:

  • shared health summary, providing a summary of the patient’s medical history and condition/s, current medications and current care,
  • discharge summaries,
  • event summaries,
  • MBS and PBS items,
  • Pathology and diagnostic imaging results,
  • electronic referrals,
  • specialist letters, and
  • advance care planning documents (uploaded by the patient).

To ensure your primary care practice can view its patients’ My Health Records, your organisation needs to register to participate in Australia’s My Health Record system.

Once your organisation is registered, individual healthcare providers and other relevant employees can be authorised to access the My Health Record system on the organisation’s behalf.

The Australian Digital Health Agency My Health Record Healthcare Providers website provides further information on:

  • Connecting to My Health Record
  • Training for My Health Record
  • Accessing the Provider Portal
  • the Practice Incentive Program e-health Incentive

Training for My Health Record is available at the My Health Record Online Training website.

Page updated 10 May 2018