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ELDAC Technology and Innovation for Australian aged care and palliative care

Technology and Innovation

ELDAC Digital Dashboard

 Digital Dashboard

Find out how embedding the Digital Dashboard in your IT system can help you organise end of life care and support your residents or home care clients.

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ELDAC Home Care app

 Home Care App

Download our new app supporting home care workers to provide end of life care to their clients at home.

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ELDAC proseek database proejct


Search for Australian aged care projects in our database or add your own project looking at end of life in aged care.

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ELDAC home care search filter

 Home care search filter

Discover how you can search for published articles looking at aged care home care research with just one click.

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ELDAC online self-care tool

 Self-Care Room

Visit our online self-care resource and find out how taking care of yourself is not only good for you but for the people you care for.

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ELDAC technology and innnovation reports and reviews

 Service Resources and Technology Reports

Check out the Becoming Digitally Ready Manual. Read our Technology and Innovation Reports.

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Page updated 05 February 2024