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Grab and grow

Do you want some quick self-care wins?

We’ve spoken to aged care workers and found there are some helpful ways in which they are taking care of themselves. Regardless of who you are, these are five things that you can do.

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Do you need inspiration?

Aged care staff have been sharing their own ideas for self-care. Here are 6 ideas for self-care that have been shared with us.

Each month, we’ll update these with new ideas.

Each day, I think about something that happened to me that made me feel good.

When I feel really overwhelmed, for example, maybe a resident got angry and shouted at me, I get up, go outside, walk and breathe.

When someone new starts, I check in with them often to make sure they are doing ok.

As a home care worker, knowing where clean public toilets are on my client route is really important.

As a home care worker, I have a favourite song play list to help me take a mental break while driving between clients.

Share information about yourself with your co-workers. If they know you well enough, then they’ll be better able to notice when you need help and how to help you.

Do you want to inspire others?

  • Share an idea for self-care. No idea is too small or insignificant. If it works for you, it may work for someone else too.

Page updated 16 March 2023