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Palliative Care


CareSearch is an online resource that provides information on palliative care. There is information on Advanced dementia and if you are interested in finding your own evidence about palliative care and dementia you can use the Dementia search filters.

Dementia Training Australia (DTA)

Dementia Training Australia has produced the Let’s CHAT Dementia Webinar Series for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. There are six webinars you may find useful. Webinar 6 is specifically in the context of advance care planning and palliative care:


palliAGED is the palliative care evidence and practice resource for the Australian aged care sector. There is a specific section on people with dementia, cognitive impairment and dementia evidence summaries, and practice tips.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation

The palliative care video library has educational videos developed by Australian specialists and the videos specific to dementia include:

Phoenix Australia

Phoenix Australia has information on understanding trauma. There are resources for older people, families and carers, as well as for workers in aged care. This is a short video on Trauma and Dementia. For more information watch the webinar Trauma Informed Care Strategies to Support Residents with Trauma and Dementia that explores how aged care workers can support people affected by dementia and trauma.:


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