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This page contains downloadable factsheets and other materials that can be printed for individual use, to support education and training within your organisation, or to promote the ELDAC project at aged care sector conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums. There are also specific resources such as fillable pdf forms for health professionals working in aged care to download and use in their practice.



ELDAC has produced factsheets that provide a general introduction about ELDAC and the different ways that ELDAC can help you as an individual, service, or facility. Click on the links below to download these resources in PDF format. You can download individual factsheets to suit your needs or download the entire ELDAC Resource Package.



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10 Ways ELDAC Can Help You 1MB



Toolkit Resources


The toolkits contain relevant tools and resources for individuals, services and facilities. Click on the toolkit relevant to your workplace and download the forms and templates applicable to your practice. Use the individual factsheets to suit your needs, or download the entire Home Care Resource Package, Primary Care Resource Package, or Residential Aged Care Resource Package. Information on end of life law in the End of Life Law Toolkit and the Working Together Toolkit provides useful information for all health professionals working in the aged care sector. The End of Life Law Resource Package and the Working Together Resource Package can also be downloaded as one PDF file.

 eLearning Module


Access this one short module to find out how to use the ELDAC website and where to go to find the key resources for you and your organisation.


Page updated 07 February 2024