Acknowledgements - About ELDAC-

Acknowledgements 2020-2023

The ELDAC project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Many people are contributing to the project.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution and guidance of the National Reference Group:

  • Carolanne Barkla
  • Dr Kaele Stokes
  • Hannah Morgan
  • Daniel Coase
  • Lisa Collison
  • Benjamin Ashton
  • Linda Nolte
  • Claire Johnson
  • Professor Malcolm Parker
  • Cora Shiroyama
  • George Phillips
  • Priyanka Bhakuni.

We thank members of the five working groups who provide invaluable guidance on the activities of the five work streams:

Marketing and Promotions Working Group

  • Chair: Jennifer Tieman
    • Melissa Norris, Eric Yang, Jane Durbridge, Karli Goodwin, Deborah Parker, Holly Mack, Patsy Yates, Karen Clifton, Rebecca Moore, Troy Spiers, Simon Page, Lesley King, Malahat Rastar, Jayme Marcus, Jeremy Henderson, Shona McQueen.

Toolkit Working Group

  • Chair: Deborah Parker
    • Jennifer Tieman, Patsy Yates, Penny Neller, Diana Harrison, Andrew McAuliffe, Lesley King, Holly Mack.

Technology Innovation Working Group

  • Chair: Jennifer Tieman
    • Deborah Parker, Patsy Yates, Shona McQueen, Troy Speirs, Lesley King, Jennifer Gavin, Priyanka Vandersman, Melissa Norris.

Workforce capability Group

  • Co-Chairs: Professor Patsy Yates and Professor Deborah Parker

Sector Engagement Group

  • Chair: Professor Patsy Yates

We gratefully acknowledge members of the task groups for their important inputs into the development of toolkits and technologies for the aged care workforce:

Care worker app Reference User Group

  • Kristina Walsh, Marg Adams, Dr Stephanie Champion, Bertha Nevada, Brigitte Risstrom, Rebecca Wilson, David Malloy Potter.

Self-Care Task Group

  • Dr Jason Mills, Ilsa Hampton, Eric Yang, Katie Snell, Karen Clifton.

Home Care Search Filter Expert Advisory Group

  • Dr Deborah Parker, Raechel Damarell, Sarah Jeong, Dr Mikalea Jorgensen, Kristina Walsh, Dr Priyankaa Vandersman, Dr Anna Lane.

ProSeek Task Group

Finally, we would like to thank all our research participants, especially those involved in co-design workshops and user testing activities, as well as those individuals and aged care services involved in the ELDAC Linkages Program.

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