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Each year the Commonwealth and State Governments fund projects and studies relating to palliative care and aged care. Academics, researchers and aged care services may also carry out projects and create resources that could help others in the aged care sector and workforce. However, finding information about these projects and resources can be difficult. There is no one stop platform that allows users to search and identify projects and products of palliative care research and activities conducted across Australia.

ELDAC has created a new database of palliative care projects conducted in Australia. We have called this database ProSeek. You can search for projects using textwords or add your own project or resource to the database. This searchable database can help many different people involved in aged care including funders, policymakers, health services, managers, clinicians, researchers, and medical devices/technology sector.

Searching for Projects

You can search for relevant records by adding a textword to the search box. You can also undertake a more advanced search for a particular author or an organisation by using the advanced search. After you submit your search you will be presented with a list of relevant resources. Clicking on one of the titles will retrieve the whole record. You can then print or download the information.

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Submitting your palliative care/aged care project

If you have a project you would like to submit, the ProSeek Submission Cheat Sheet contains simple instructions on how to do so. Once you have submitted your data, the proposed entry will be reviewed by ELDAC staff before being included in the database.

ProSeek Submission Cheat Sheet  

Help us improve ProSeek

Please share with us how easy or difficult using the database was and whether the project records were helpful to you. Provide us with feedback

Page updated 3 May 2023