Practising in Aged Care - Allied Health

Practising in aged care

This section of the Toolkit provides information and resources on allied health shared roles and delivery of services to older adults receiving palliative care in aged care. Shared roles can be described as:

  • To collaborate with the individual and family to make informed choices about their care (being aware of advance care planning, and how this can be facilitated)
  • Where necessary, to make use of technology such as telehealth to support older adults who may have difficulty in accessing traditional in-person care
  • To maintain own wellbeing while providing end-of-life care, using self-care strategies to prevent burnout.

The discipline specific pages share specific clinical care approaches for each profession. Where an older adult is receiving palliative care and their individual background may impact how the care is provided and funded, ELDAC has also developed toolkits to support the delivery of end-of-life Home Care and also in Residential Aged Care.

Page updated 1 May 2023