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Case stories

With the design, development and testing of the Digital Dashboard completed, we have produced a set of case stories that explain how the IT companies and services developed resources and show how services are using the dashboard to improve care. These case stories highlight the benefits seen by staff and services in supporting them provide care for their residents and clients at the end of life.


Carinity is a large, aged care organisation providing home care, residential aged care, chaplaincy service, and disability service. They felt the ELDAC Digital Dashboard provided greater flexibility in the data used and how it was displayed.

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Carinity and its approach to palliative care

The value of the digital dashboard actualized at Carinity

Why be involved in ELDAC research

Making a case for the digital dashboard for the aged care sector

Yaandina Community Services

A rural residential aged care facility located in outback Western Australia, Yaandina Community Services embedding the ELDAC Digital Dashboard into its IT system has helped the team to organise their end-of-life care around the eight key areas of the ELDAC Care Model, with a particular focus on helping staff to recognise deterioration in their residents and knowing when to call in additional support.

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Queen Victoria Care (Hobart)

Located in Hobart, Tasmania, the Queen Victoria (QV) Care Hobart residential aged care signed up to trial the ELDAC Digital Dashboard in an ongoing effort to improve their clinical practice in palliative care. When QV Care’s IT platform provider integrated the ELDAC digital dashboard, the team adopted the dashboard into their service’s workflow without hesitation.

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Page updated 29 October 2021