Personal Learning Assessment - Residential Aged Care

Personal Learning Assessment

To assist in identifying your learning needs, please complete the following interactive ELDAC personal learning assessment and learning plan.

ELDAC Personal Learning Assessment

The interactive assessment form below allows you to identify your personal learning and development needs and can be used annually to identify your top learning and development priorities. There are two sections to the assessment:

Section 1: Knowledge of palliative care and advance care planning

Section 2: Skills and confidence in providing palliative care and advance care planning.

It is recommended that you complete this process annually as your learning and development needs will change.

>>Download ELDAC Personal Learning Assessment Form (215kb pdf)


What to do after completing your personal learning assessment

It is recommended that you set a personal learning plan (see below) based on the assessment items where you have scored 1 in each section and what you would like to focus on for the next 12 months. There are two sections in the plan (i) knowledge priority and (ii) skills and confidence. This is to assist in your learning needs; for example, you may know the principles of advance care planning, but require more confidence in starting the conversation with a person about making an advance care plan.

The learning assessment and learning plan can be used to discuss your knowledge, skills and confidence in advance care planning and palliative care with your supervisor.


ELDAC Personal Learning Plan

Remember to make a plan that is achievable. You can use the learning assessment and learning plan to discuss your knowledge, skills and confidence in palliative care and advance care planning with your supervisor. Once you have created your learning plan and identified your learning needs and areas where further training is required, browse the links provided in this section on various types of education and resources that are recommended by the ELDAC team.

>>Download ELDAC Personal Learning Plan Form (487kb pdf)

Page updated 16 August 2018