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Current Staff

Many people are currently contributing to the ELDAC project.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 

  • Prof Patsy Yates, Chief Investigator
  • Karen Clifton, National Project Manager
  • Jennifer Gavin, Project Coordinator
  • Rebecca Moore, Project Coordinator 
  • Diana Harrison, Project Coordinator
  • Melissa Brodie, Project Coordinator
  • Dr Natalia Rusnac, Senior Research Assistant
  • Prof Ben White, Co-Consortium Member
  • Prof Lindy Willmott, Co-Consortium Member
  • Penny Neller, Project Coordinator, National Palliative Care Projects

Flinders University of South Australia (FUSA)

  • Prof Jennifer Tieman, Chief Investigator
  • Dr Priyanka Vandersman, Research Associate
  • Dr Anna Lane, Research Associate
  • Courtney Thorpe, Research Assistant
  • Melissa Norris, Marketing Officer
  • Eric Yang, Web and Systems Officer
  • Jane Durbridge, Casual Professional Staff
  • Karli Goodwin, Administrative Assistant
  • Heather Grigg, Website Officer
  • Sue Hammond, Casual Professional Staff
  • Felix Fitzpatrick, Research Governance and Contracts
  • Martyn George, Software Architect

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

  • Prof Deborah Parker, Chief Investigator
  • Dr Holly Mack, Research Fellow
  • Dr Simone Simonetti, Project Officer
  • Ms Kerry Clifford, Research Assistant

Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA)

  • Lesley King, Senior Workforce and Industry Development Officer

Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA)

  • Dr Linc Thurecht, Senior Research Director
  • Malahat Rastar, Communications Manager

Catholic Health Australia (CHA)

  • Shona McQueen, Senior Advisor, Aged Care
  • Nick Mersiades, Director, Aged Care
  • Julian Lee, Director, CHA Communications

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA)

  • Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick, Project Coordinator
  • Troy Speirs, Policy Advisor
  • Sean Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, LASA
  • Tim Hicks, General Manager Policy and Advocacy
  • Marlene Eggert, Policy Advisor
  • Simon Page, Communications and Marketing
  • Megan Leddin, Events and Sponsorship

Palliative Care Australia (PCA)

  • Camilla Rowland, Chief Executive Officer
  • Tamara McKee, Business Operations Manager
  • Margaret Deerain, National Policy and Strategy Manager
  • Katie Snell, National Policy Manager Aged Care and Diverse Needs Groups
  • Jeremy Henderson, National Communications Manager
  • Prof Meera Agar, Board Chair

Page updated 16 July 2021