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Digital Dashboard

ELDAC has a work stream looking at technology applications. Digital innovations can support aged care workers in providing palliative care and advance care planning to older people at the end of life. One of our projects is developing a prototype Digital Dashboard focusing on end of life indicators. The dashboard will enable basic data collection around processes relevant to end of life care and provide reporting functions relating to these processes and activities.

About the ELDAC Digital Dashboard

ELDAC Care Model

The ELDAC project team worked with the Flinders Digital Health Centre in developing the initial proposal and concepts and in building a demonstration dashboard that can be implemented within existing IT systems. The Digital Dashboard was developed through a co-design process with individuals working in aged care. This will ensure that the dashboard is feasible, relevant and useful. To inform the dashboard workshop we have translated the ELDAC Care Framework into a set of possible care indicators for use in the Digital Dashboard.

Digital Dashboard: Integration into Aged Care IT systems

This activity enabled aged care IT providers to build an equivalent dashboard within their own system. Participants were provided with information on the data variables, clinical descriptions and associated technical descriptors to recreate the dashboard within their own clinical platform. The documents below provide further information:

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Interested in being involved?

For further information about the Digital Dashboard Integration, please contact the Research Associate (Digital Dashboard) Priyanka Bhattarai via email:

Page updated 30 January 2020