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Digital Dashboard

The ELDAC digital dashboard (the ‘dashboard’) is a system application that IT companies can embed in their aged care system. It is designed to track and visually represent key EOL (End of Life) care processes and indicators relevant for reporting and clinical decision-making. The dashboard aims to:

  • Support a consistent and comprehensive approach to end of life
  • Show what is happening (client level, manager level, organisation level)
  • Provide triggers and flags for care prompts
  • Assist in reporting and/or benchmarking

The dashboard was developed using a co-design approach with IT experts, aged care staff and decision makers and palliative care representatives. The dashboard builds upon what many aged care IT systems already collect and uses the ELDAC Care Model to report data about care at the end of life. The dashboard is designed to be used in residential aged care and home care settings.

ELDAC Care Model

The dashboard has been integrated into the IT systems of several aged care IT providers/services across Australia. If you are an aged care IT company and would like to integrate the digital dashboard into your clinical data management systems please contact Dr Priyanka Vandersman.

Understanding if the dashboard is useful

We are currently undertaking two studies relating to the digital dashboard:

  • Exploration of the experiences and attitudes of aged care IT companies integrating the ELDAC Digital Dashboard: a qualitative study
  • Implementation support intervention aimed at facilitating the use of a newly integrated palliative care dashboard at Australian aged care services: a multimethod investigation.

This will provide us with important information on how useful the IT companies and aged care services have found the ELDAC Digital Dashboard in supporting the care of older Australians approaching the end of their life.

Try it out!!

You can have a little play with the dashboard prototype demo. While this isn’t the whole system, it will give you an idea of how it works!

Page updated 29 January 2021