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Palliative Care


palliAGED is the palliative care evidence and practice resource for the Australian aged care sector. This website aims to provide knowledge for clinical decision-making and for the service and practice elements of care. palliAGED offers comprehensive guidance for health professionals with quality resources, practice tools and links to other projects. There is also information for older Australians and their families seeking information about palliative care.

Palliative Care Bridge

HammondCare offers The Palliative Care Bridge, which is a suite of educational videos and resources on palliative care developed by Australian specialists. The online resource aims to assist users in gaining confidence and specialised knowledge in the delivery of appropriate palliative care to people in need. A number of videos and printed information are on offer covering the many aspects of illness, palliative care, caring for someone with a life-limiting illness, dying, loss, grief, and bereavement. Resources are grouped by:

Videos on specific topics include:

Leading Age Services Australia Ltd (LASA)

LASA developed a resource called “Making Choices for Life”. The learning modules are intended to assist organisations and their aged care staff to develop skills to care for people with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness, or who are coming to the end of a normal ageing process, using a person-centred palliative approach. Two short educational videos that have an accompanying downloadable factsheets that can be used as visual aids and discussion points on palliative care are:

  • Fact Sheet 2: Pain (192kb pdf): Responding to and implementing strategies to manage an individual client’s pain and promote comfort and quality of life. 
  • Fact Sheet 3: Authentic Diversity (190kb pdf): Providing a supportive environment which honours the unique preferences, culture, needs and beliefs of the individual client, their families, carers and /or significant others.

National Cancer Nursing Education Program (EdCaN - Learning Resources for Nurses)

EdCaN has developed learning resources on cancer for nurses. There are "learning on the run" opportunities to update your knowledge on specific topics when you need to and learning modules including case studies, factsheets and videos. The modules support a more in-depth understanding of care for people with specific cancers or cancer treatment related health needs. 

EdCaN has another resource called overview of Cancer Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This module aims to facilitate the development of competencies that reflect the role of nurses when working collaboratively with Indigenous people. Learning activities aim to develop nurses’ ability to provide culturally safe care when responding to the needs of Indigenous Australians at risk of or affected by cancer. Indigenous health professionals share their knowledge and experience in short videos.

EviQ Cancer Education Online

EviQ host an online learning module, Geriatric Oncology, which focusses on the care of the older person with cancer.


CareSearch is an online resource provides information for various healthcare staff providing palliative care in the community. Resources include websites, guidelines, documents and factsheets. CareSearch also devotes a section of their website to palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. There is a range of resources and information to help the health care workforce provide palliative care in a culturally safe way. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Care has four main areas: Culturally Safe and Responsive Care; The Care Journey; Patient, Family and Community Journeys; Research, Evidence and Practice.


HealthInfoNet has a Palliative Care and End of Life portal that is designed to assist healthcare staff who provide care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and communities.

There are sections to support clinicians on culturally appropriate palliative care and end of life care; grief and bereavement; and planning ahead.  Other resources available include: Publications and policies; organisations and programs; and information on events, courses, and jobs. 

In our care into your hands: Aboriginal stories about approaching the end of life Booklet

In our care into your hands: Aboriginal stories about approaching the end of life Booklet (762kb pdf) was developed by Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District: Shoalhaven Palliative Care and Aboriginal Health Building Relationships Committee, in conjunction with the local Aboriginal community and community services. The resource includes end-of-life stories told by Aboriginal patients and carers share information about palliative care services, planning for end of life and how talking with loved ones about their preferences helped with healing and decision-making. This is a helpful resource for mainstream care workers delivering culturally appropriate care through understanding what is important to Aboriginal people and their loved ones as they approach the end of life.


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