Empowering Excellence: SydWest's Journey in Culturally Sensitive Aged Care Training with ELDAC

Empowering Excellence: SydWest's Journey in Culturally Sensitive Aged Care Training with ELDAC 509

A guest blog by Phoebe McLaren, Clinical Care Manager, and Inka Patel, Clinical Care Manager at SydWest Multicultural Services.

For four decades, SydWest Multicultural Services, serving Western Sydney and based in the Blacktown City Council area in NSW, has guided inclusivity, meeting diverse community needs as a compassionate cornerstone. Evolving over 40 years, it extends across sectors, primarily serving CALD populations. From empowering women and children to nurturing youth, SydWest's services testify to its commitment to inclusivity and community development.

SydWest Aged Care serves the elderly in CALD communities. With dedication, SydWest Aged Care touches over 1,280 clients, among which 550+ are directly serviced by our team of 100+ care workers and office staff. SydWest's mission focuses on building the social capacity of diverse communities, primarily CALD populations. It strives to empower individuals through person-centred services, skills sharing, and evidence-based representation, all while respecting and supporting their cultural journey. With a focus on the vulnerable, SydWest's vision encapsulates its commitment: Connecting cultures. Building community.

In June 2023, SydWest Multicultural Services began a transformative journey with the ELDAC Linkages Program, marking a pivotal moment in enhancing palliative care services. With invaluable tools from ELDAC — the proverbial fishing rod, line, and hook — our staff have actively gained knowledge to navigate the complexities of palliative care. In six months, we anticipate our team will be well-versed in theory and equipped with practical skills for positive changes.

Mays Windisch, our facilitator, has been instrumental in this change, making this journey both informative and transformative. Her adept facilitation skills brought our diverse staff together, fostering discussions that unearthed our collective vision. Like a compass, the training guided us towards actionable steps to improve palliative care services. While the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, ongoing support and follow-up sessions could further solidify the implementation of valuable insights. Mays's commitment to addressing our queries and providing additional resources post-training demonstrates a genuine dedication to our organisation's success.

A standout moment was Mays guiding us on-site, not just handing us the fishing tools but showing us how to use them. This hands-on approach blended theory with real-world scenarios, making the training immediately applicable to daily practices. Her expertise as our facilitator extended beyond the curriculum, adding practical wisdom that resonated with our team. Participants appreciated the open dialogue encouraged by Mays, creating an environment where sharing experiences and learning from each other was not only encouraged, but celebrated. This collaborative atmosphere enriched the training experience, transforming it from a mere educational program into a communal journey towards excellence in palliative care.

ELDAC stands out for its holistic approach, emphasising our organisation's vision and addressing challenges in providing culturally sensitive aged care. This personalised touch makes the training impactful for every team member.


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Inka Patel and Phoebe McLaren
Clinical Care Managers, SydWest Multicultural Services