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Home care search filter

Many people find searching for research articles difficult. For a new area such as home care, finding information can be even more difficult because there are not commonly used search terms to help you retrieve relevant literature. Search filters are experimentally tested searches that are designed to find the most relevant literature on a specific topic.

We will be developing validated search filter on “home care”. We will then use this search and combine it with a range of other topic searches such as dementia or family. These searches will be stored as a hyperlink so you will be able to click on your preferred search and it will load to PubMed and display the relevant articles in this health and aged care database. You can visit the PubMed Searches on palliAGED Finding Evidence section as an example of the type of resource that will be developed.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in the development of the Home Care Search Filter by emailing eldac.project@flinders.edu.au.

Page updated 28 September 2020