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ELDAC Technology and Innovation for Australian aged care and palliative care

Technology and Innovation

ELDAC has a stream of work focused on creating and experimenting innovative technologies. Carefully designed technology solutions can support clinical care, communication and coordination as well as governance and reporting. The Digital Innovations team is supporting a range of projects to support care delivery and self-care as well as developing digital resources that enable access to information about Australian aged care and palliative care research and projects.

The technological innovation activities carried out as part of the 2017-2020 ELDAC project focussed on development and integration of the ELDAC Digital Dashboard. The dashboard was an application that could be incorporated by aged care IT companies into their systems to help aged care services track their activity on a range of end of life activities. In addition, a scoping review of Australian general practice IT landscape and background research on care worker phone apps and database retrieval processes was undertaken. This will inform proposed work activities for ELDAC 2020-2023.

ELDAC 2017-2020

Digital Dashboard

The dashboard was developed using a co-design approach with IT experts, aged care staff and decision makers and palliative care representatives. The dashboard builds upon what many aged care IT systems already collect and uses the ELDAC Care Model to report data about care at the end of life.

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Australian GP IT Landscape

A scoping activity was undertaken to explore the opportunities and challenges of health IT integration in the Australian general practice setting. Three studies were completed and we are welcoming interested individuals or organisations in discussing the digital integration of GP- aged care palliative care processes.

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ELDAC 2020-2023

Care worker App

The care worker app project aims to develop and evaluate an app that could support Australian aged care support workers (care workers) in supporting their care of older Australians approaching the end of life in the home care setting.

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Palliative care projects database

This project aims to build a national database of palliative care projects conducted (in the past and present) in Australia. Users will be able to search for projects in the database by text words or by various filters such as advance care planning, bereavement or tools.

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Online self-care tool

We are looking at developing an interactive online self-care tool specifically for the aged care workforce. This tool will allow aged care workers to identify their self-care needs and provide interactive and practical tips and resources to address those needs.

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Home care search filter

Many people find searching for research articles difficult. We will be developing a validated search filter on “home care”. We will then use this search and combine it with a range of other topic searches such as dementia or family.

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