ELDAC- Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

We support and endorse the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. The following privacy policies apply to the ELDAC website and the ELDAC telephone line.

ELDAC is a collaborative project funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and performed by Queensland University of Technology, Flinders University, University of Technology Sydney, Palliative Care Australia, Aged & Community Services Australia, Leading Age Services Australia, Australian Healthcare and Hospital’s Association and Catholic Health Australia (the Project Partners). Flinders University is responsible for delivering and maintaining the ELDAC website and ELDAC helpline.


The kinds of Personal Information we collect and hold

Personal Information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not. By using the ELDAC website and/or the ELDAC helpline, we may collect and hold Personal Information about you which may include information about your identity (name, date of birth, nationality, qualifications, employment), your contact details (address, telephone number, email, fax number), your image and voice (photograph of you, video of you and/or audio of your voice) and information about how you have used our website.

You may remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, however, this may limit the information and service we are able to provide to you.


How we collect and hold Personal Information

When you use the ELDAC website and ELDAC helpline we may collect Personal Information directly from you. For example, when:

  • you visit us or we visit you;
  • you contact us in writing or by telephone, or we contact you in writing or by telephone;
  • you contact, or receive a phone call from, the ELDAC helpline, which operates on the basis of recording the audio of all phone calls;
  • we provide a service to you or you provide a service to us;
  • you join our mailing list;
  • you participate in an activity organised by us;
  • you complete a survey organised by us;
  • you register, and attend, an event hosted by us.

We may collect Personal Information by indirect means. For example, when:

  • we find Personal Information in a publicly available source such as a newspaper article, website, social media or conference attendance list;
  • we receive Personnel Information in a referral.

We receive Personal Information in hard copy, digital form (including via our website, email, audio recording, video, photograph), over the telephone or by fax. Personal Information is held in hard copy form on Flinders University occupied property used by ELDAC personnel or in secure electronic data storage managed by Flinders University or third party providers. Any digital transfer of Personal Information is secured using encryption.


The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose Personal Information

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose Personal Information may include:

  • contacting you;
  • providing you with services;
  • providing you with information;
  • developing or improving the quality of our services;
  • internal business purposes;
  • providing you with marketing material;
  • publishing photographs and videos on the ELDAC website;
  • publishing on the ELDAC website and/or in printed materials;
  • advertising and marketing services and/or goods you provide;
  • the purpose or purposes for which you provided your Personal Information to us;
  • providing it to the Project Partners;
  • providing to third parties including:
    • the organisations and individuals we work with to deliver ELDAC;
    • the Australian Government Department of Health, the government body which funds ELDAC, for any purpose it requires;
    • contractors we engage to supply us with goods and services. For example, event planners, IT specialists and lawyers.

Our use of Personal Information may extend beyond the uses outlined above, but will be restricted to purposes that we consider to be related to our functions and activities. We may also be required to disclose Personal Information for any other reason not stated above, when required by operation of law.


How you may access Personal Information we hold about you and seek the correction of this information

You may request access to and seek correction of the Personal Information we hold by contacting the ELDAC Research Fellow by phone: 08 7221 8233, post: GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA 5001, or email: eldac.project@flinders.edu.au


How you may complain about a breach of this policy and how we will deal with a complaint

Questions or complaints about how we have handled your Personal Information can be directed to Professor Jennifer Tieman, phone: 08 7221 8237, post: GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA 5001, email: jennifer.tieman@flinders.edu.au.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing, within five business days, and investigate and respond to you within 30 business days. 


Disclosure of Personal Information to overseas recipients

The ELDAC website and telephone line use digital data-hosting providers located both inside Australia and overseas. Wherever we disclose your Personal Information to recipients overseas we ensure appropriate data handling and security measures are in place.

Page updated 29 March 2018