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ELDAC Toolkits

ELDAC toolkits help you in providing palliative care and advance care planning to older Australians.

Toolkits are a collection of information, resources and tools around a particular topic or practice area. They provide users with meaningful and practical materials to care for older Australians at end of life. They can help users to develop a plan and organise their efforts to follow evidence-based recommendations or practices.

 Primary Care

Evidence‐based resource for people working in primary care

Primary Care Toolkit

 Home Care

Information to support clients and families

Home Care Toolkit

 Residential Aged Care

Information to support residents and families

Residential Aged Care Toolkit

 End of Life Law

The law at end of life for the aged care sector

End of Life Law Toolkit

 Working Together

Linkages between aged, primary and palliative care services

Working Together Toolkit

Toolkit Educational Videos

Improve your skills in end of life care by learning from palliative care experts and clinicians

Page updated 21 May 2021