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Service Resources and Technology Reports

The Technology and Innovations team is developing service resources that can support services in implementing initiatives and building digital and technological capabilities.

Becoming Digitally Ready

This new booklet is a manual for aged care services which demonstrates how advances in digital technologies can be incorporated to support care at the end of life. The booklet shows how ELDAC resources can be brought into a service to build digital capability. You can also order a printed version of this booklet.

ELDAC Technology Network

We are introducing the ELDAC Technology Network to connect interested services and providers in the community to build an understanding of ELDAC technology products and of technology and innovations for aged care.

Self-Care for Services

We are currently developing a new resource pack for services on supporting self-care for their staff and organisation. Please email us if you would like to be involved in the development and review of this resource.

ELDAC Technology and Innovation Reports

This report looked at the extent to which a specific class of remote interaction healthcare interventions supported by digital technology are currently being used, or have recently been newly developed for use, in the care of older people in Australia within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the existing Australian aged care system.

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A scoping activity was undertaken to explore the opportunities and challenges of health IT integration in the Australian general practice setting. Three studies were completed that:

  • Described the current health IT infrastructure, policies and initiatives relating to health technology,
  • Evaluated the international peer reviewed literature on technology use in the general practice setting (including palliative care), and
  • Presented a case study of an integrated health IT ecosystem of Portugal. 
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