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Online Self-care Project

Self-care can mean different things to different people, but it is important in maintaining your physical, emotional, and mental health. Aged care relies on the quality and compassion of care workers in providing care to older people including older people coming to the end of their life. Self care is an important part of being able to continue to provide care.

Digital technologies and platforms such as ELDAC can contribute by increasing the accessibility of resources that support self-care action at individual and organisation levels. As part of the Technology and Innovations program of work, we have created the Self-Care Room, an online resource for aged care. It will help careworkers and others in aged care identify their self-care needs and provide interactive and practical tips and resources to address those needs. This resource was co-produced with aged care workers and experts.

First, we conducted a systematic scan of the internet to understand the scope of resources currently available online for aged care staff. Then, we interviewed people working in the sector to understand their needs and to seek their views on the available resources. We used this information to develop a design concept that we took back to them for comment. Based on their responses we built a prototype and conducted usability testing with a broad range of people in the aged care sector. We then finalised the build and launched the resource to the public.

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Page updated 4 July 2022