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Care for the caregiver and family after a death

  •  Carer Information: contains resources you can give to carers and families to help them care for someone with a life-limiting illness.
  •  How to Guide: walks you through the steps to deliver best-practice care, including online training for health professionals.
  •  Forms and Templates: provides standardised paperwork, checklists and templates to care for people living with a life-limiting illness.
Bereavement - ELDAC Care Model
  • Patient/Carer Information
  • How to Guide
  • Forms and Templates
Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Government

Understand Your Grief
Provides informational support to help carers to understand, anticipate and respond to grief

http://www.cec.health.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/359325/Understanding-your-grief-June-2017-English.pdf (459kb pdf)

Palliative Care Australia

Guide to a Social Media Afterlife
Provides information about how to manage a loved one’s social media accounts after death

https://palliativecare.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/PCA001_Social-Media-Guide_ONLINE.pdf (417kb pdf)


Understanding Grief
Provides informational support to help carers to understand, anticipate and respond to grief

https://palliativecare.org.au/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2015/05/PCA002_Understanding-Grief_W02.pdf (416kb pdf)

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

Following up the Bereaved
Guidance for GPs in following up with the bereaved caregiver



Palliative care - grief and loss
Guidance for healthcare staff in supporting grieving families



Guidance for supporting bereavement of a carer of a person with MND


Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Government

Bereavement Survey
A survey for carers post death about the experience in your institution


PHN Western Victoria

Barwon Region Palliative Care Information Guide
Find out about palliative care services in the Barwon Health area



Bereavement Guidelines for General Practice
A template for guiding bereavement services in general practice

https://westvicphn.com.au/images/PDFs/Bereavement_Guidelines_for_General_Practice__17-08-14.pdf (516kb pdf)

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