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ELDAC 2020-2023

Supporting the aged care workforce

Aged care workers and health professionals can look forward to a substantial new suite of capacity-building resources that will be released as part of the ELDAC project from early 2021.

The new resources are designed to improve capacity at the individual, service and system levels. The resources span five areas that are integral to the provision of quality palliative care across the aged care sector.

These resources support ELDAC’s goal to improve the quality of end of life care for older Australians through:

  • The empowerment of general practitioners, aged care providers, and other healthcare workers with knowledge of palliative care and advance care planning.
  • The creation of links between primary care, aged care, and palliative care services.
  • The provision of advice about palliative care and advance care planning.

What new resources can you look forward to?

For individuals working in aged care

  • We will build and release three additional toolkits in specialised areas relevant to aged care.
  • We will develop new digital solutions including a care worker app and an online self-care tool for care workers.
  • We will promote access to existing educational programs and deliver responsive education where gaps are identified.
  • We will work to promote community-wide change in the important the role of palliative care in aged care.

For services providing care to older Australians

  • We will share resources to support aged care services to understand the Aged Care Quality Standards in end of life care.
  • We will continue to develop the Residential Aged Care and Home Care digital dashboard.
  • We will develop resources to support aged care trainers and peak bodies.
  • We will create 100 new partnerships between aged care and specialist palliative care providers.

For the aged care system

  • We will create tailored plans for introducing ELDAC resources into aged care, specialist palliative care, and primary care sectors.
  • We will develop a searchable database of relevant palliative care services in aged care programs and project activities.
  • We will map existing education and training against relevant education and regulatory frameworks.
  • We will identify enablers for successful service partnerships.
  • We will provide evidence and resources to support the aged care sector.

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Page updated 1 April 2021